For the many of us that didn’t really have a father figure growing up. Especially my young African American brothers and sisters. Uncle Phil, his character played on the Fresh Prince, served as an embodiment of what we would consider an Ideal father figure. A person that was caring, authoritative, took care of his family at all costs. He was a family man that helped everyone with their problems, a protectorate, a common sense man who cared for his family, dignified, and a man of integrity.

    Growing up for me Cliff Huxtable, played by Bill Cosby, and Uncle Phil served as templates for what I wanted to have as a child and aspired to become as a man/father/husband. They always will be. My guess is that it was easy for him to play the role of Uncle Phil because his role reflected his true personality evident through the iconic scene between he and Will Smith about Will’s deadbeat father leaving him once. A scene which I believe was unrehearsed.

    During that time and even now, we still do not see many if any, positive role models for black males. It’s sad because I know what it did for me growing up. The moral lesson’s I’ve learned through a tv show on how to conduct myself, how to have morals values, and carry an integrity are lesson’s I was fortunate enough to take away from watching the show religiously.

    Favorite scenes: Deadbeat father scene, Pool Hall Scene, Scene where he and Will were in Jail on Thanksgiving, Scene were he set that cop straight for locking up Carlton and Will without probable cause…etc  

    Rest in Peace James Avery

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    Posted on Wednesday, 1 January
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